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Alexa 65 vs. Alexa Mini – Why Larg Format?

Feb 2, 2022 | Equipment Test

I have hardly ever seen a test executed so well. It is done using a 3D rig and illustrates the difference in depth of field as well as grain structure of Alexa Mini and Alexa 65.

One side note: With matched field of view an Alexa Mini (18mm) with an F-Stop of 1.4 gives you a similar depth of field as an Alexa Mini LF (28mm) and an F-Stop of 2.8 and a Alexa 65 (41mm) and a F-Stop of 5.6. With each format changing 2 stops approximately. Meaning an Alexa Mini LF at F1.4 might give you a somewhat similar look as an Alexa 65 at 2.8.

Thanks a lot to cinematographer Manuel Lübbers for this great test.